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1. THESE ARE THE LINK URLS: THIS IS OUR ACTICLE. WE HAVE WRITTEN IT OURSELVES. PLEASE SPIN TO THE MAX! FIRST LINE IS HEADLINE.Where to look for jobs – and how to avoid flawsIf you are looking for a job in USA there are some DOs and DON'Ts. A job search can be very tricky. But only, if you don't know, how to do it. Just follow some simple rules. You'll be back in the job market in no time. The easiest way of looking for jobs is to do it from home.First, you need to look at job search engines. Surprisingly, the most expensive ones aren't the most successful ones. Most employers also prefer free job posting sites. Here they can post as many job openings as they want. And as often as they want. For you it's important, that you can browse the job listings for free. And only use USA job search sites, which let you view the ad details without charging. Also make sure that you don't need to pay for contacting the owners of the job classifieds.That's the general things you need to know about job search websites.The top job search engines offer some additional services on top of that:They let you specify your jobsearch in detail. Specifying your type of new job and zip code usually isn't enough. You need local job listings. And you need to be able to choose the maximum distance between your home town and the location of your new job.Want to find free online jobs that are hiring in your field? Note down some things about job sites: Some free jobs search engines aren't just free, but cheap! They don't invest in clever concepts and ideas. Thus they have a lot of flaws. For example: to you it is important, that a job site also suggests hiring jobs similar to your search. Also it' a plus, if you can save your search for jobs. This way, the job board can send you an email every time there are new matching vacancies.So much for the flaws of job sites in USA. When you found interesting open jobs make sure you don't allow yourself any flaws!Before you contact an ad owner search the internet for informations about the company. The gained informations will also help you during the job interview. Address your application to the correct person. Let someone proof-read your application, your CV and your cover letter. Recruiters hate spelling mistakes! Make sure you write a matching cover letter for every application. Mention specifications from the job ad in your cover letter. Link those specifications to your qualifications. And always keep your CV up to date. It's really embarrassing to accidentally send an out-dated CV!When you're invited to a job interview be self confident. It helps to be informed about the company in advance. This way interviewers see that you're seriously interested in the job. Feel free to ask questions about the job and company policy as well. You don't want to be confronted with unpleasant surprises after you signed the contract.Just keep these rules in mind. You will be successful! Best of luck!3. 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