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Electronic Cigarette vs. Traditional Cigarette

There is an increasing deal of advertisements and campaigns in the social media about the growing popularity of the electronic cigarette or e cigarette. Many e cigarette affiliates claim that using the product is the same as puffing your traditional smoke. The two products do present a similarity, but what is real score between the e cigarette and traditional tobacco smoke?

For one thing, an E cigarette is more complicated to use than the traditional smoke. An e cigarette is battery powered and so must be charged in order for the user to enjoy smoking and the e liquid that is vaporized should be available. The traditional cigarette on the other hand only needs to be picked out from the packaging, lit and the smoker can then enjoy the pleasures of nicotine rushing in their veins. These are fairly easy to overcome though. Also, the e cigarette is reusable unlike the traditional one but does have a heftier price compared to the latter.

The taste of the electric cigarette is similar but different. The e cigarette has a cartridge that contains the e liquid used in smoking the product. Many electronic cigarette companies came up with different flavors for their products from tobacco to chocolate. But some e cig users opted to shift back to traditional smoking due to unmet expectations that e cigarettes have exactly the same flavors that of the traditional cigarettes.

Most e cigarette enthusiasts pride themselves of promoting the product for its healthy benefits and safe attributes. But how healthy is healthy? And how safe is safe? The traditional cigarette smoke contains over 4,000 harmful chemicals, 1% of which are carcinogenic. This is among the major reasons why e cigarettes were manufactured in the first place. Though many e cigarettes are found to have not contained such harmful chemicals, many are still debating on the possible adverse effects propylene glycol if proper regulation and quality control is not observed. So now, many are purchasing e cigarette brands from US companies to assure quality and safety.

Other benefits of the electric cigarette are that it is earth-friendly, it is socially acceptable, non-flammable and it saves you money even if it may cause you a big purchasing price. All of these are the opposite of using the traditional cigarette smoke.