Mobile Urban Operating System

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This page is for gathering information about existing services, programs, tools, interfaces, apps and so on which could be seen and understood as a potential component of a broader (open) operating system for cities based in smartphones.

It can be used for promoting, benchmarking, comparing but also helping to understand in a distributed way how an Urban Operating System could look like on a mobile device (also on a computer, although that's not the main focus). More specifically: which components could it have (interconnected or not).

For that purpose, the page is divided into sections related to areas of application (ok, some apps could fit into more than one category, but the main objective is to have an initial list, so just choose one that makes sense). It will be useful also to write a short description and to indicate if its currently developed for PC display, Android devices, iPhone or some other platform.

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  • 59 euros: Performing installations as protests for Barcelona circulation law of 2008. For PC display.


  • FixMyStreet: "Report, view, or discuss local problems like graffiti, fly tipping, broken paving slabs, or street lighting". For PC display.


  • TalkingAbout is currently a web-based video publication who lets you access may people's interviews around many topics. It could be if translated to watching, recording, uploaded and geolocated by mobile devices a nice Speaking Corner's system for the system.


  • Museum Finder This app identifies your location and lets you choose the nearest museum of your choice. For Android.
  • LibraryThing Local Add your favorite bookstores and libraries and keep track of interesting events. For PD display.


  • NeighborGoods: "Save money and resources by sharing stuff with your friends". For PC display.
  • Breakout: A system for defining new public spaces for co-working, so they can be visualized for meetings. Also a registration system that lets you print badges about participant's profession, tasks and habilities. For PC display.


  • GeoEdu: GeoEdu is an educational application, it allows you to remember in a funny way the location of several major international cities or famous places. For Android.
  • Wikitude World Browser "Wikitude World Browser is the very first Augmented Reality Browser for smartphone-users".


  • GreenYou: Calculate your carbon footprint on the planet by providing some basic info about Transportation, Housing, Food, Goods and services. Then create your own Green plan. For Android.
  • Trees Near You: Trees Near You was created by Brett Camper using street tree census data publicly released by the city government fo New York City. #visualization #data #iPhone.


  • GeoForum: Geolocation system developed for Spanish cities where users can start conversations (in a message board type) locating them at any place on the city. For PC display.
  • Bike Manhattan: "Official unofficial bicycle mapping system for the Little Apple that we build together". For PC display.
  • OpenStreetMap: OpenStreetMap creates and provides free geographic data such as street maps to anyone who wants them.


  • Homes: Finds homes available to rent or buy. Shows pictures, maps, street views, directions, website. Keeps you updated of new listings.


  • RateMyStreet Find a street's rating and then add your own rating. For PC display.
  • Elekspot: "Recognize indoor urban places in your phone. Your phone will recognize indoor urban places such as cafe, theater, restaurant, etc. based on Wi-Fi signal strengths". For Android.


  • NearBy - Wikipedia Search Location-based Wikipedia search. Show interested Wikipedia entries near any location. For Android.


  • MadeinLocal: Meet city friends. Where are your friends tonight? Search their geolocalized messages and join them in cool places. For Android.


  • AccessCity: Helps you find or publish the easiest routes in the city whatever your obstacle - mobility, buggies or heavy bags. For PC display. You can post via mobile/email.
  • Offers real-time information about trains in the Barcelona area via user's tweets. For PC display.
  • Urban Step - Barcelona: Interactive schedule for Barcelona city buses. With a single touch you can find out when the next bus will pass by your stop. For Android.
  • Barcelona Bicing: App for knowing in real time the status of any given Bicing cycle station in the city. For Android.
  • Cercanias: Widget para ver los horarios de los próximos trenes de RENFE cercanías entre dos estaciones. Permite configurar el núcleo en el que te encuentras y las estaciones de origen/destino. For Android.
  • Walkshed: Walkshed uses an advanced methodology to calculate and map walkability.


  • Foursquare: For telling whereabouts, share experiences with friends and engage mobile customers. For Android, iPhone and BlackBerry.
  • Gowalla Is a location-based social networking game created by Alamofire. Users 'check-in' at Spots in their local vicinity, either through a dedicated mobile application or through the mobile website. For any mobile device.


  • Future Melbourne Wiki: Melbourne’s draft city plan open in a wiki way for public editing and consultation. For PC display.


  • Know Your Rights: Have your Bill of Rights handy when the pigs are around! For Android.